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6 Must See Instagrammable
Stores Around the Globe

With Amazing Ideas That Will Blow Your Customers Away

How can we enrich the consumers experience? Consumers are looking to cut through the noise on social media. They are continually looking for spaces that provide individuality, an innovative aesthetic and fresh concepts that allow them to be the star of their social feed.

Enter the instagrammable store!

From minimalist master pieces to welcoming apartment style boutiques, we have compiled our favourite high concept, instagrammable, retail spaces from New York to Copenhagen to leave you feeling inspired.

Use these ideas to:

• Increase your stores instagram appeal
• Keep you ahead of the competition
• Create shareable memories for customers

6 Must See Instagrammable Stores-1
story telling

Story Telling

Instagram is the perfect place to tell your brands story to social savvy customers





Image Sharing

Increasingly, retail is being designed to be viewed through a smartphone camera lens




Shareable Moments

Retailers need to be as good at selling moments as they are at selling merchandise


Nowadays, it is essential that visual merchandising provides a space that is unique, visually exciting and creates instant, shareable memories for consumers.


David De Freitas

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